We can defeat malaria

We can defeate malaria

Malaria is preventable and curable. Significant progress has been made since 2000 thanks to increased global investment and action.



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1 child dies every 60 sec

Photo: Georgina Goodwin, Vestergaard Frandsen

Despite recent progress, about half the world's population still lives in malaria risk areas and malaria remains a leading cause of death amongst young children.


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Keep up momentum

We cannot afford to lose momentum

Today's gains against malaria are increasingly threatened by a shortfall in funding. It is critically important that we stay on course; malaria resurgence will remain a persistent threat until the disease is stopped altogether.

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World Malaria Day 2014

World Malaria Day is a chance to shine a spotlight on the global effort to control malaria. Each year, Roll Back Malaria (RBM) partner organisations unite around a common World Malaria Day theme. Invest in the future: defeat malaria is a three-year theme partners chose for the period of 2013-2015 to call attention to the need to reach the 2015 Millennium Development Goals and defeat malaria in the future.

RBM Partners Commemorate World Malaria Day

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  26. Vestergaard: Online mapping system helps fight malaria by tracking mosquito resistance to insecticides used to prevent malaria
  27. WHO: World Malaria Day, 25 April 2014
  28. WHO (note for media): World Malaria Day 2014: WHO helps countries assess feasibility of eliminating malaria
  29. WHO SEARO: World Malaria Day, 2014 “Invest in the future: Defeat malaria”
  30. WHO WPRO: Statement by Dr Shin Young-soo WHO Regional Director for the Western Pacific for World Malaria Day
  31. The World Bank: How a Water Project is helping Fight Malaria in the Senegal River Basin

On the occasion of World Malaria Day 2014, we spoke with the Right Honourable Stephen O'Brien, MP, global advocate for the Roll Back Malaria Partnership, about his time in the Sahel collecting mosquitoes, the role of parliamentarians in this fight, the post 2015 agenda, and the importance of continuing to invest in the fight against malaria. Read the interview.