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Partner Committees established with appointment of inaugural Co-chairs

The RBM Board is delighted to announce the RBM Partner Committees have been established and the Board have approved the selection of inaugural Co-Chairs.

The initial call for General Membership of the Partner Committees generated 152 completed responses with several individuals expressing an interest in more than one Partner Committee. This is a fantastic response from across the Partnership with an excellent spread across different sectors, interest groups and geographies. These Committees can now get to work and make a critical contribution to the work of the Partnership.

There is an ongoing opportunity for Partners to put themselves forward for these vital Committees and we encourage interested members to complete the online form.

The decision for the appointment of Co-Chairs was taken following careful consideration of the balance of skills and experience required to establish and take forward the work of these critical new Partnership mechanisms. The initial Co-Chair term of one year formally commenced on 17 November 2016 and they have started the development of initial workplans and presentations for discussion at the 4th RBM Board meeting in December 2016.

The following Co-chair appointments have been made:

Country / Regional Support Partner Committee:

Co-chairs: Peter Olumese (WHO) and Melanie Renshaw (ALMA)

The purpose of County / Regional Support Partner Committee (CRSPC) is to provide a platform to engage the RBM Partnership community in coordinating support to countries and regions as they execute their malaria control and elimination implementation programs.

Advocacy and Resource Mobilization Partner Committee:

Co-chairs: Alan Court (UNSEO) and Ben Rolfe (APLMA)

The purpose of Advocacy and Resource Mobilization Partner Committee (ARMPC) is to design, and subsequently support implementation of the Partnership Advocacy Strategy related to advocacy and resource mobilization at global and regional levels.

Strategic Communications Partner Committee:

Co-chairs: Susan Byrnes (MNM) and Yacine Djibo (Speak Up Africa)

The purpose of Strategic Communications Partner Committee (Comms-PC) is to develop and implement, in collaboration with the Partnership Management Team, communications to achieve the advocacy objectives of the Partnership.

We would like to warmly welcome each Co-Chair and thank them for their willingness to take on this important new leadership role.  


Roll Back Malaria Partnership Committee Terms of Reference:

[in English - updated October 2016]

[in French - updated October 2016]

RBM Partnership Call for Consultants

The Global Fund is launching its next funding opportunity in December 2016. The Global Fund has developed a differentiated funding application process for the next allocation period 2018-2020. This process will still require countries to base their applications on technically sound malaria strategic plans and an inclusive country dialog. More information on the differentiated funding model can be found on the Global Fund’s website

RBM will be supporting countries to develop and submit funding applications to the Global Fund in 2017. Countries will need to make the best possible technical case to mobilize additional resources for their malaria programmes. RBM will be deploying technical experts to a variety of countries to provide support in 2017.

RBM is therefore seeking to recruit consultants with the following technical expertise:

  • Design and/or implementation of malaria programme reviews/mid-term reviews;
  • Malaria strategic planning;
  • Costing of malaria control programmes (e.g. strategic plans, One-health tool);
  • Malaria programmatic and financial gap analysis; and/or
  • Development of Global Fund malaria proposals/Concept Notes.

If you are interested in applying for short-term consultancies in any of the areas listed above please send your CV to

Please include a description of:

  • Area of expertise;
  • Specific Regional/country experience;
  • Language skills;
  • Global Fund specific experience; and
  • 2-3 Professional References.

Expressions of interest should be received by 30 November 2016.

Call for Membership and Co-Chairs for the new Roll Back Malaria (RBM) Partner Committees

RBM's strength lies in its ability to form effective partnerships at global, regional and country levels, with a focus on areas where harmonization and combined effort will provide added value to the quality and impact of the interventions.

The new governance architecture includes a number of key ways for Partners to get involved and provide direct input into the Partnership and its work through the Partner Committees (PCs), which are intended to formalize, consolidate and amplify the Partnership priorities of advocacy, resource mobilisation, and country/regional support.

The work of these Partner Committees are expected to align with the priorities outlined in the Global Technical Strategy 2016-2030 and Action and Investment to Defeat Malaria (AIM) 2016-2030, as well as with the Partnership Strategy and Annual Budget and Work Plans.

The three new Partner Committees now being established and seeking membership are:

  • Advocacy & Resource Mobilisation – The purpose of the Advocacy & Resource Mobilisation Partner Committee (ARMPC) is to design, and subsequently support implementation of the Partnership Advocacy Strategy related to advocacy and resource mobilisation at global and regional levels.
  • Strategic Communications – The purpose of the Strategic Communications Partner Committee (Comms-PC) is to develop and implement, in collaboration with the Partnership Management Team, communications to achieve the advocacy objectives of the Partnership.
  • Country / Regional Support – The purpose of the Country/Regional Support Partner Committee (CRSPC) is to provide a platform to engage the RBM Partnership community in co-ordinating support to countries and regions as they execute their malaria control and elimination implementation programs.
>> Join the RBM Partner Committees

Inaugural Committee Membership and Co-Chair Selection Process

In order to facilitate the rapid establishment of the Partner Committees, the RBM Board has adopted a Fast Track registration process for the membership of Partner Committees and for the selection of inaugural Co-Chairs for an initial term of one year (RBM/PBM.03/2016/DP.03).

Partners are being asked to submit nominations or self-nominations for Committee Co-Chairs and to register their interest in joining each of these Committees by 28 October 2016.

Nominations for Co-Chair selection has now closed. 

Nominations for 2 members of the new RBM Partnership Board are now open

After a period of broad consultation and Board review and discussion, RBM has established a new structure that takes advantage of the tremendous skill, energy and effectiveness of its many partners and to move conclusively into a new era that will take action to realize the vision of a world free of malaria. This included a new Partnership Board of up to 15 individuals selected to contain enhanced levels of skills and experience at a senior decision-making level and representation from across the Partnership, including malaria-affected countries, private sector, entities outside the malaria and health sectors, civil society and donors.

13 Board Members were initially selected and convened in April 2016. This Board has since met face-to-face on two occasions in June and September 2016.

>> See the current list of RBM Partnership Board Members

The RBM Board agreed at its 3rd Meeting in September 2016 (as recorded in the Decision Points RBM/PBM.03/2016/DP.8) to undertake a process to identify suitable individuals to fill the two currently vacant seats. The goal is to appoint two new Board members based upon their individual skills, capabilities, as well as their personal and organizational networks and commitment to the Partnership. 

Selection Criteria 

The RBM Board have recognised the need for greater gender balance and regional representation from malaria affected countries in the Americas.

Therefore, the following criteria will be specific priorities for the next selection to the two remaining RBM Partnership Board seats:

  • At least one Board member to come from a malaria-affected country or region in the Americas, representing the geographical and economic diversity of the country / region, whether from government, civil society, multisectoral, private sector or international organizations.
  • Applications from female nominees who meet the eligibility and skills requirements will be prioritised, with the intention of recruiting more female members to the Board.

Nominees may fulfil more than one of these or the general board selection criteria outlined in the application pack and RBM By-Laws. Should suitable nominations collectively not satisfy these criteria, the Board Selection Committee (BSC) may choose to select members as close to the criteria as possible. 

Nominations will close on 9 December 2016*. The links below provide full details of the nominations process and the related forms for nominating candidates for the new Partnership Board.

>>Nomination and Selection Pack for the RBM Partnership Board

* This deadline has been extended from the original published deadline of 7 November 2016

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) - Roll Back Malaria Partnership

RBM is now seeking a new Chief Executive Officer (CEO) to develop and implement Board approved strategy and operating plans to lead this global Partnership into a new era and drive momentum to end malaria for good.

He / She will play a critical role as the global face of the Partnership and its mechanisms on a day-to-day basis, including establishing and leading a new Partnership Management Team and ensuring that regions and countries are empowered to address the global fight against malaria.

He / She will support the Board and act as an ambassador for the Partnership, establishing organisational credibility, providing strategic direction and leadership, facilitating and promoting communication between all stakeholders and monitoring the Partnerships progress toward key targets.

The CEO will be selected by and functionally accountable to the RBM Partnership Board. However, this D2 level role will be contracted in Geneva by UNOPS as the RBM Host Agency.  

Further information and application

The CEO appointment process is being handled on behalf of the Roll Back Malaria Partnership by Egon Zehdner

>> RBM Partnership CEO full job description and details on how to apply can be viewed on the Egon Zehnder website

The deadline for applications is 9 November 2016.

For more information or a confidential discussion on the role, please contact:

Simon Page

Egon Zehdner, London

+44 20 7943 1912