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RBM Partners, UN Ambassadors, EU Parliamentarians, officials in the Islamic Development Bank and Organization of Islamic Cooperation, and communities in the Elimination Eight (E8) countries will commemorate World Malaria Day 2015 in New York, Brussels, Geneva, Jeddah and Livingstone. More awareness creation is planned in other cities and communities around the world in line with the theme, Invest in the Future; Defeat Malaria. Focus will be placed on the need for increased financing, tackling drug and insecticide resistance, increasing investment in elimination efforts, improving protection for pregnant women and prioritising malaria in a new era of development.

  • Brussels hosted by the ACP:  Achieving Malaria Elimination – the Role of the European Union 
  • New York and Geneva hosted by the UN:  Progress in malaria control under the MDGs – Financing Elimination under the SDGs
  • Geneva hosted by Australia and Vietnam : An Asia-Pacific Free of Malaria by 2030
  • Jeddah hosted by the Islamic Development Bank and OIC: The situation in OIC Countries- Challenges and opportunities in Financing the Global Malaria Response
  • Livingstone hosted by Gov of Zambia: Building Strong Partnerships to Eliminate Malaria

The sobering truth:  An estimated 15 million of the 35 million pregnant women in sub-Saharan Africa did not receive a single dose of preventive treatment (IPTp) in 2013

Up to 200,000 neonatal deaths could have been prevented between 2009- 2012.

Raise your voice and support the Call to Action.
Intermittent Preventive Treatment against malaria in pregnancy(IPTp) is a highly cost effective intervention with the potential to save many maternal and neonatal lives. Yet its coverage is low. Immediate action is required for a dramatic scale-up of coverage in sub-Saharan Africa. Many of the barriers to IPTp uptake across countries could be overcome relatively easily and rapidly.To prevent the devastating outcomes caused by malaria during pregnancy RBM partners are launching a Call to Action to achieve 100%  coverage of IPTp by 2020.

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World Malaria Day provides an opportunity for all malaria stakeholders to showcase their successes and highlight remaining challenges in the changing global context. Malaria-endemic countries have made incredible gains, but sustaining those gains will take extra effort until malaria is eliminated worldwide. The theme for 2015 is Invest in the future, Defeat malaria calling attention to the need to increase commitments as we enter a new era of development, with new Sustainable Goals.

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