The Global Strategic Plan 2005-2015 (GSP) details the necessary steps for all partners to ensure scale up of malaria control interventions towards 2010 and 2015 targets. In addition, this document illustrates the benefits of working in partnership and how this approach is the only way to bring about the ambitious goals of the RBM movement.

The Roll Back Malaria Partnership primary targets will ensure that by 2010, particularly in the lowest two economic quintiles:

  • 80% of people at risk from malaria are protected;
  • 80% of malaria patients are diagnosed and treated within one day;
  • Malaria burden is reduced by 50% compared with 2000.

And by 2015:

  • Malaria morbidity and mortality are reduced by 75% in comparison with 2005;
  • Malaria-related Millennium Development Goals are achieved.

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