About Malaria

From MDGs to SDGs
Over the last fifteen years, a significant achievement of the MDGs has been the progress in the global fight against malaria. High level political commitment, increased resources, and a vibrant partnership has mobilized for coordinated action, and stimulated innovation, new tools, strategic planning, greater integration and a strengthening of health and community systems.

Key lessons have been learned - the benefits of multisectoral engagement, the critical need for equity, access and ownership by affected countries and communities, and the close links between malaria and economic development that will ensure sustainability. These lessons demonstrate how the response to malaria can serve as a prototype for sustainable development and underscore how continuing to drive down the burden of malaria will be critical to the attainment of the SDGs.

The resources that have been compiled here describe the role malaria will play in the sustainable development agenda. They build on Action and Investment to defeat Malaria 2016-2030 (AIM) for a malaria-free world and draw on the evidence that affirms the essential links between malaria and progress in other domains of development to catalyse heightened multisectoral engagement going forward.

Preparation for this new era is underway. In 2015 the RBM Partnership Board is designing a restructured global architecture better equipped to perform necessary high-level advocacy, strategy, coordination, country support, and resource mobilization needed to support the achievement of the SDGs. This new multi-stakeholder partnership is poised to become more efficient, effective, and capable of sustaining malaria as an international development priority and marshalling resources towards the global community’s ambitious 2030 goals.

We have developed social media messaging on malaria and the SDGs to be shared in the lead up to and during the UN Summit. All materials are available on Trello at: http://bit.ly/malariasdgs-kit

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