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Guidelines for Core Population-Based Indicators

Guidelines for Core Population-Based Indicators

These guidelines were developed to provide country partners with technical guidance on the detailed specifications of the core indicators that can be measured through household surveys, the data required for their construction, and issues related to their interpretation. Details of the data collection methods required for estimating these indicators through national-level household surveys are also provided. The purpose of such guidelines is to maximize internal consistency and comparability of the indicators across countries and over time, and to ensure consistency in the types of data collection methods used.

This document provides a description of core impact and outcome indicators, measurement tools, and measurement and data collection methods. It also describes guidelines for constructing each core impact/outcome indicator for population coverage.

It should be noted that the indicators and measurement tools described in this guide were developed in the context of the high malaria burden countries of Africa. In other settings, such as South-East Asia and Latin America, a more targeted approach to monitoring and evaluation is necessary, and the use of large, nationally representative surveys to measure coverage may not be necessary or may be deployed less frequently.

Tool Designer Organization:
RBM Partnership
Tool [in English]

Summary of main features

To provide guidance on the core indicators that can be measured through household surveys, the required data, and issues related to interpretation
Scope of interventions
These guidelines were developed in the context of the high-burden countries of Africa and may not be suited to other contexts, such as South-East Asia or Latin America
Household surveys, M&E plans
Time frame
Any time a survey is being planned in the country; during national planning exercises
Potential users
Programme managers, partners, and donors
Skills required
No specific skills—some knowledge of M&E and programmatic issues
Type of software
Adobe PDF
User manual available?
Type and length of training required
Available languages
English (French updated version under development)
Country applications
National surveys; monitoring and evaluation plans
Last update and version
January 2009