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RBM Partnership: RBM news via RSS

Welcome to the RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feed from the Roll Back Malaria Partnership website. RSS feeds allow you to stay up to date with the latest news and features you want from the RBM. Instead of having to visit the RBM website to find content, the RSS feed will send it straight to you. To subscribe to it, you will need a News Reader/Aggregator or other similar device (see more details on the right column of this page).

There are four RBM RSS feeds:

RSSRBM Topline stories
This newsfeed includes RBM home/front page main stories.


RSSRBM E-Newsletter
The RBM E-Newsletter provides the latest information on partnership news and events on a monthly basis.


RSSRBM Press releases
This newsfeed includes RBM Partnership press releases for the current year.


RSSMalaria in the News
The latest malaria-related stories from a variety of media. This list is provided as a reference tool for RBM website users; inclusion of an article in no way implies endorsement by RBM or any of its individual partners of its content.


Subscribe to this feed
You can subscribe to this RSS feed in a number of ways, including the following:

How to use RSS?

You can read RBM RSS content via "News Reader/Aggregators", special applications which are built to subscribe to and refresh syndicated content frequently. These applications can either be installed on your computer or accessed via the web. If you are a Yahoo! or Google user, you can easily modify your homepages to include syndicated content from the RBM Partnership. You can also use your browser such as Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox to subscribe to our feeds, or you can use special applications written for this purpose.

See full list of news aggregators