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2010 Country Roadmaps

Progress report
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Insufficient progress towards set targets <59.9%
Significant progress made 60 to 79.9%
Roadmap implementation targets achieved >80%


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At the request of the Board, RBM mechanisms were tasked with developing Country Roadmaps that identify what is needed to achieve the 2010 goals. The aim of the Roadmaps is to provide a national, regional and global system for tracking progress, to identify gaps in funding and commodities, as well as to facilitate implementation and mobilize resources.

To date, Roadmaps have been created by 45 African countries / 47 NMCPs and have recently been published on the RBM website under Country facts section. The total estimated population at risk in these countries is approximately 455 million people.

The Roadmaps are a key tool for tracking progress against achievement of milestones. They will help countries make best use of currently available resources and identify additional technical support needed and emergency fund-raising strategies required to mobilise further resources. They provide broad outlines of commodity needs to reach universal coverage and highlight and track current financial gaps.

The Roadmaps will be continually updated and improved to adequately reflect country progress towards reaching the 2010 malaria targets and the 2015 goal of reducing preventable deaths to near-zero.