1 child dies every 60 sec

Photo: VF
Photo: Georgina Goodwin, Vestergaard Frandsen

Malaria is one of the top 3 killers of children in Africa.

Control interventions can end millions of preventable childhood deaths and stop the economic losses, caused by malaria.

  • There were an estimated 198 million cases of the disease leading approx. 584,000 deaths in 2012;
  • Africa is the most affected continent with 90% of all malaria deaths - most of them children younger than five years of age.
  • Not all malaria cases are fatal. However, the disease keeps parents out of work and children out of school, thus robbing families of income and opportunities.

This year marks closure for the 2015 Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). Malaria control contributed to all health MDGs (4,5 and 6); it is a major driver of health and development and one of the best public health investments available today as it impacts progress in other areas including reducing school absenteeism and fighting poverty.

It is essential to maintain focus and attention for the fight against malaria at this critical moment, including ensuring it is retained through the international development framework that will replace the Millennium Development Goals.