Keep up momentum

Photo: MMV
Photo: MMV

Donor funding hovered around the US$ 2 billion mark in 2013, while government spending was estimated at half a billion. About twice as much (US$ 5 billion) is needed annually to tackle malaria worldwide.

History has shown that decreases in support for fighting malaria in areas where significant progress has been made lead to a resurgence of the disease, potentially undoing years of efforts and investment.

2015 is a critical year as we transition from MDGs to a new set of sustainable development goals and there is a shift of priorities. Worldwide, about USD 208 billion are estimated to be gained by 2035 through progress in reducing and eliminating the disease.

Malaria control and elimination must continue to feature prominently on the global development agenda now and after 2015 if we are to meet our development promise. With sustained funding rapid progress towards ending malaria deaths can continue, but without it gains could be quickly reversed, putting millions of lives at risk.