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Africa Malaria Day events in Africa
25 April
Rwanda is to host Africa Malaria Day (AMD) 2007, a regional commemorative event on 25 April, with support from national and international Roll Back Malaria (RBM) partners. The Rwandan Ministry of Health is spearheading activities to mark AMD.
Contact: Dr Corinne Karema, PNILP Coordinator
More info: PNILP web site

Dassa-Zoumè, Benin
25 April
Official commemoration at Dassa-Zoumè.
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Yaounde, Cameroon
22-25 April
Youth Music Festival - Malaria, MDGs and Tools of Global Healing - 22 April.
Joint Congresses of Cameroon Societies for Immunology, Biochemistry & Cameroon Coalition Against Malaria 23, 24 April.
Five Ministers and Diplomatic Corp to be present at launch of ACT campaign. Nomination of Grace Decca (Cameroon’s all time best female musician) - Ambassador for Malaria. Nation-wide Decca Family Music Tour ends in Yaounde 25 April.
Contact: Wilfred Mbacham

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
26 April
A BASF launch event by invitation for Ethiopian authorities and all organizations engaged in malaria vector control. The event will be the official launch of Interceptor with Fendozin Long Lasting Insecticide Net in Ethiopia.
Addis Ababa Hilton Hotel.
Contact: Volker Stahmer, Kassahun Bekele

Dakar, Senegal
26-28 April
Ebony Music Festival. For the third year, the festival will mobilize media and celebrities in Africa to spread the message of prevention and awareness to roll back malaria.
Contact: Seynabou Sy
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The Federal Ministry of Health with UNICEF will launch a national net re-treatment campaign as part of this year's AMD commemoration.
Contact: UNICEF Nigeria

Plans are being made for a joint (PNLP, UNICEF, WHO, UNDP) radio and TV awareness-raising campaign during 3 days in support of AMD.
View Niger: Rapport sur la Journée africaine de lutte contre le Paludisme 2007

This year, Angola plans to have a "Drive Against Malaria" and, along with UNICEF, will integrate the transport of additional LLINs for victims of the floods in provinces where the convoy will pass.
Contact: UNICEF Angola

The National Malaria Control Programme (PNLP in French) is gearing up for a Malaria Month with social mobilization events, press conference, a scientific conference sponsored by Sanofi-Aventis, and net distribution by two private companies for employees and their families. A launch is planned for April 11 or 12 and a concert will close out the month. VOICES Mali is assisting the PNLP in a portion of these activities.
Contact: Claudia Vondrasek